and so it goes…

Posted on April 13, 2009


Here’s the thing.

I’ve tried to write & rewrite this post about three times. Before then, I threw words around in my head for a couple minutes & never could find the right beginning. It all came down to three words:

God is moving.

I see this in my sister experiencing hardcore spiritual warfare & God prompting family members to pray without them even knowing details.

I see this in an organization fighting to end a 23 year war that has ravaged an entire generation in n. Uganda. People my age have never known peace. Never known peace! This is surreal to me, growing up in America. But yet, God is quickening the hearts of my generation – forcing us to open our eyes and do something. Anything.

I see this in my relationship with my husband – growing closer to each other as God is calling us to a life less ordinary & more fulfilling.

I see this in the thousands (thousands!) who accepted Christ today as their Savior – accepting His sacrifice for their sins & claiming His victory over the grave.

Yes. God is moving. But, this begs the question – are we allowing Him to move within us?