i’m okay.

Posted on August 24, 2009


today was the first day of school.

and, even though i am mind-numbingly exhausted, i thought in this brief spurt of energy i would update.

because, in the middle of the day, with few classes under my belt & about six hours left in my work schedule, i realized something.

i’m okay here.

not only am i okay…but i’m…enjoying myself. i’m glad i’m back!

a couple months ago i posted something about being discontent with job hunting & the like. this past week, God has made it abundantly clear that bhs is where i am supposed to be this year.

next year? i have no idea.

i just thought i’d give a reminder: sometimes, our plans have no similarities with the big guy upstairs. because, not only has he made it perfectly clear he knows what he is doing & i am at bhs for a reason – he has also taken away any trepidation i had of returning.

our God is a big God. i think we forget this sometimes. and even though it doesn’t make sense for me to drive an hour or two (depending on traffic) for work, i believe for the first time he has me in the palm of his hand.

i’m curious. i know i can’t be alone here. has this ever happened to you?

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