some questions

Posted on October 21, 2009


In third grade, I had three hobbies: making slap bracelets out of confiscated window blinds, writing plays of unending strife from an eight year old perspective, and forming clubs with my friends.

Did you guys ever get caught up in the club craze? I think we formed a new one every day – and the sole purpose was to try & eliminate who you didn’t think was cool at the time. You always had to be vigilant. Spend too much time writing a play & you miss that a new super secret club formed right beneath your nose & well, you aren’t invited.

I spent many recesses of my youth pleading my worth to whichever roost rule the school – and many recesses downgrading others I felt just didn’t quite meet my level of cool. Of course, this ended in a lot of hurt feelings, bruised egos & inflated hearts.

After awhile, I was tired of the whole thing. My arms were tired from holding friends while they cried; my head was tired from trying to figure out who was in & who was out; my heart was tired from all of the times I wasn’t chosen.

But it hasn’t stopped – especially in the church.

Lately I have noticed an alarming trend of “us” vs. “them” within the body of Christ. Whether it be the older generations frowning upon the younger generations or the hipsters shaking their heads at the fundamentalists or the traditional church goers wagging their fingers at those who worship in homes, one thing is for certain…

we are all in this together.

And I am guilty of this myself. I am guilty of raising my chin towards others who think differently of me because of how I worship or where I am going to church. But it doesn’t get me anywhere. Most importantly, it places me at odds with my brothers & sisters in Christ. And whereas differences can occur, bitterness & strife should not.

I wonder what would happen if we learn to live as the body of Christ. I wonder what would happen to our cities if we all joined together to minister to those in need. I wonder what would happen if we lay down our swords & pick up the cross…