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Posted on December 2, 2009


From my friend James (@jamesapearson) :

Business is changing the world, right now, every day, more dramatically than ever. Our industrialized, globalized, informationalized economy has offered billions a ladder out of poverty and improved livelihoods around the world. But it simultaneously exploits our planet and our fellow men at unprecedented levels. And it doesn’t have to.

Business is the most radically adaptive form of organization, constantly testing the marketplace and shifting to accommodate. If we speak our values loudly enough business will listen and adapt. But we must speak in the language of the market – money and attention.

That’s why I’m starting the choicemob. It’s a simple idea: A community of people committed to improving the way that business operates by supporting companies that uphold our common values: Fairness, Compassion, and Respect for the Earth.

By driving sales and attention for these companies we will improve their bottom line and draw the envy of their competitors. We will help make social value the next disruptive force in the marketplace.

The first choicemob starts in a week in support of Better World Books. Check them out – they’re an amazing company. We need as many people as possible to buy gifts from and write articles, posts, statuses about Better World Books – hundreds of people, thousands of people – the more the better.

If you agree that business should reflect our common values – Fairness, Compassion, and Respect for the Earth – please join the choicemob and invite your friends.

choicemob Statement of Purpose:

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