a day in pictures

Posted on May 9, 2010


Friday I took part in a challenge from my friend Joshua White. The premise was simple: take 50 pictures during the day. The actual challenge? Tougher than I thought. Here are my pictures:

how i start my morning

even Gatsby agrees: I get up too early

commuting an hour to work has me doing a lot of this.

my view during the day

team meeting. we were talking about how ready we are for summer. 🙂

my next read: a borrowed book I've been wanting to check out

my seniors watching "A Knight's Tale" - seriously forgot how GOOD this movie is!

queso & chips gift from the librarian = best end of week surprise

my celebration of Starbuck's new frappucino happy hour

this would be how many cups we had in our car....all mine. don't worry - I took them in to wash.

and...I'm home. for the weekend. this means naps!

my current reading list (which is why I promised to not buy any more new books until I finish)

Friday I turned in our leasing application to our new landlord. It was approved! We got ourselves a HOUSE!

favorite picture of my great grandpa joe. he made john wayne look like a pansy.

Book I'm reading now. LOVE Barbara Kingsolver.

Our sink. Definitely needed some work.

Our new luggage for Africa. Cause we're going. IN A MONTH.

Russ' cooking books. We ran out of shelf space so we used the floor in front of the fireplace. Some call it clutter. I call it creative use of space.

This, however, is clutter. (but hidden behind our couch)

my beloved TOMS - eventually they will serve as plant holders.

my new favorite nail polish.

skeeter spray. it's a necessity in these parts. i'm certain skeeters are satan's minions.

one of the earlier drafts of my manuscript. i miss it.

Russ' record bowl. He made this in our oven. So sustainable. 😉

This is the face Gatsby gives me when Russ isn't home at night. He loves him.

**And this is when I got bored and domestic**

Step One: empty dishwasher

Step Two: do laundry while cleaning kitchen

Step Three: fill dishwasher

Step Four: smile at an empty sink

Step Five: enjoy a bowl of cereal (my dinner when the chef is away)

Another sneak peek of Ramirez clutter

...and another (sorry mom)

While I shot the picture of our cluttered closet, I found empty boxes. So I decided to pack.

then I found the movies I want to show my seniors

second box: books. whenever we pack, a majority of our boxes are books. we like it that way.

packing = empty bookshelves

my hope was to finally get to go through the latest Relevant magazine this weekend. hasn't happened yet.

what I see in the morning (when I put my glasses on and it isn't still dark outside)

I love scarves.

Russ' beloved quilt.

Gatsby given up on me entertaining him and taken to watching for Russ to come home. Cute.

Favorite lotion.

My scent. (I really just like the poofy thing)

Second Wedding Anniversary Gift. I am my beloved's and he is mine. 🙂

More clutter = our dresser.

I love our bed.

Our "big kid" fan we bought awhile back.

More books. Naturally.

And there you have it. My 50 pictures throughout the day. As for creativity, definitely perked my eye in looking for those perfect moments. Unfortunately, some of those really, really cool things I wanted to capture on my iPhone (I used the hipstomatic app for all these pictures) occurred while I drove. Not necessarily the safest route.

Did you do the challenge? Leave a comment with a link to your pictures. I wanna see. 🙂