your hand, your heat, your love.

Posted on December 16, 2010


sometimes it happens unexpectantly.

a surprise text, a firm embrace, a caught glance across the room…it only takes a brief second, and i’ve fallen in love with you all over again.

my insides turn topsy-turvy, my lips part with that sudden intake of breath, my hands instinctively reach for yours so i can feel your heat against mine.

you are my love.

other times, it happens slowly. watching tiny fingers wrap themselves around your hand like an anchor, i feel the familiar pulse beating against my ribcage. this tiny beauty does not belong to us, yet i begin to see a vision of two who are one stretching their wings to cover those He’s given us. i see you taking on a role of Protector. Comforter. Fighter.

i smile, because the role fits. the little one in your arms fights against the rhythmic and firm heartbeat in your chest – the same heartbeat i’ve pressed up against in the middle of the night. the same heartbeat that caused my palms to tingle with anticipation and excitement five years ago. i know the warmth she feels because i’ve felt it myself.

and then your face breaks into a grin. you catch my eye – as you have so many times before – and you raise an eyebrow in an adorable yet absolutely irresistible way.

“maybe it’s time for us to have kids after all.”

my heart jumps in my throat, your words huge against the quiet surrounding us. our eyes hold words only we know – and my insides begin to dance. my hands reach for yours as i work to calm the fury of love let loose.

what i have to say belongs in the hushed hours of the morning – before the sun stretches itself across the sky. limbs tangled, we’ll speak of future things and laugh so we don’t cry out of fear. more than likely, i’ll be overwhelmed. more than likely, i’ll turn my head and lose myself in thoughts and questions. but i’ll always find your hand. reaching for it, feeling your heat rest against my skin, i’ll sigh and remember the moment in the coffee shop when i fell in love with you all over again.