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give clean water.

December 15, 2010


it was hot that day. i sat outside the church with adah and rose, their laughter ricocheting off the steel walls of the school. i was showing them pictures of russ’ cooking from my iPhone and they were tickled that a man did the cooking in my household. my mind was elsewhere. on the way […]

an invitation

December 2, 2009


From my friend James (@jamesapearson) : Business is changing the world, right now, every day, more dramatically than ever. Our industrialized, globalized, informationalized economy has offered billions a ladder out of poverty and improved livelihoods around the world. But it simultaneously exploits our planet and our fellow men at unprecedented levels. And it doesn’t have […]

some questions

October 21, 2009


In third grade, I had three hobbies: making slap bracelets out of confiscated window blinds, writing plays of unending strife from an eight year old perspective, and forming clubs with my friends. Did you guys ever get caught up in the club craze? I think we formed a new one every day – and the sole purpose […]

hanging limp

October 15, 2009


I’ve retyped about a dozen introductions, and to be honest, there’s nothing I can say that will fully prepare your heart for this video. As I sat in my classroom earlier today and watched this reunion with tears running down my cheeks, I couldn’t help but understand for the first time what Dillard meant to […]

on giving away…

October 5, 2009


Last week, I revisited some thoughts I had about a year ago. I didn’t know who would read it, or if anyone would even care. It wasn’t really to place a challenge for anyone as much as to remind myself of something I desperately needed to hear – this world is not for us. Well, […]


October 1, 2009


yes, this is another repost – to say this week has taken me hostage would be a severe understatement. however. if you want to get to know me at all, even just a little bit, read below. i wrote this over a year ago and thanks to anne’s post today, i was once again reminded […]