fluttering pulses

it wasn’t something i expected – this love. but it’s mine and it’s his and it’s beautiful and messy and filled with adventure.

and although our story started in the fall of 2000, it is far from over.

may the adventure never end and the wonder never cease. Russ – you are the one who flutters my pulse. i love you.

love story pt. 1

love story pt. 2

love story pt. 3

love story pt. 4

love story pt.5

love story pt. 6


my valentine

my love

five years

7 Responses “fluttering pulses” →
  1. I loved reading this.

  2. Hello there! I know this is random but we were surfing the web and saw a twitter comment in the search engine about UREV and wanted to say thank you for your kind comment!

    Blessings and know we will see revolution in this hour of history!

    THE UREV Team

  3. i LOVE your love story 🙂

  4. i just love your love story. i mean, i’m a sucker for love stories anyway (who isn’t??!) but i love how this one shows that God is in the Big Picture as well as the details. he orchestrates so gently w/ us, his [sometimes really dumb] sheep, eh? such a sweet picture of how you and your husband met. i love the idea of finding your running partner. reminds me of a favorite st-exupery quote that i’m going to butcher in paraphrase: love isn’t looking at each other but rather in looking out in the same direction. ❤

  5. aw thanks for the happy reading love story 🙂 you two are super cute!


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